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Corporate Identity Design That Lingers. - 01/27/2010

Corporate identity works almost in a subliminal way.  It can be associated with a specific set of values, a geographical location, an era… even a moment in life.

I’m as old-fashioned as they come.  Every time I watch Denis Leary’s stand-up comedy, I can’t help but to feel identified whenever he talks about simple things such as coffee-flavored coffee or Dunkin’ Donuts.  Some images are iconic to me, they define a moment or a place or even a feeling in my life.  These images became part of my routine and gave me solace and a couple of anecdotes.

That’s why I hate poor corporate identity makeovers.  They scrape off the good stuff.


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The Rebirth of Logotypes - 01/25/2010

Logotypes are Zen to me.  How to use a minimum of tools (font, composition, wording) in order to convey a Logo Design?

Coca-Cola is one of those examples.  Its design is easily identifiable.  Even though the Coke symbol’s been translated to different languages, you can spot it easily.  And one of the most amazing things is that it’s nothing but a clever use of calligraphic fonts.

There are tutorials out there to create certain effects or to follow certain kind of design fad.  But it takes expertise and talent to make something memorable with nothing but words.  We writers make a living out of them, but good designers make them alive.


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An Important Part of Logo Design: Knowing your Customer - 01/21/2010

Some of our designers have been drawing ever since they were kids.  They would copy logo designs of sports teams and even create their own.  Some of them studied arts, design and other careers that implied an aesthetic taste and the development of various techniques.

These guys are amazing on their craft, but there’s one tiny little problem:

Due to the volume of work and the constant nagging of other departments, these guys cannot afford to spend more than an hour discussing a project with a customer.

That’s almost like driving a F1 car blindfolded.


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Texture: A Relatively New Logo Feature - 01/13/2010

I was struggling against writer’s block before writing this very first line.  Writing about logos and design is satisfying and every time I post something new I learn something new (or, at least, I make sure I do).

But today is one of those days on which the creative juices are rather evaporating away from my body. The only thing that kept me awake through this ordeal was the sound of my eyes sizzling due to the radiation emanating from my computer’s screen.  Crunchy eyes are not exactly the sign of great blog posting

And then, I saw some amazing designs and it hit me:  Of course! Textures!

I slapped my forehead so hard everyone turned around to see me.


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