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Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is the image a company uses aiming to portrait its identity, vision, mission and objectives. Corporate identity includes both the way of branding and use of trademarks.

The philosophy of a corporate culture and organization ownership lead to the beginning of corporate image.

Forms of Corporate Identities

Generally corporate identities are found in the form on corporate title, logo, trademark and all assembled devices that are put together under specific guidelines. These guidelines include the use of color palettes, page layout, dimensions, and visual continuation among all branding materials. The guidelines are generally found in a form of a Corporate Identity Manual. your company values and objectives are. Beyond a simple nice graphic piece, the expert team of designers will develop a complete guideline on how to successfully develop and manage your company's image.

A well developed and established corporate identity can be recognized wherever the logo, trademarks and use of colors is seen. is top of the industry on developing a full package of corporate identity that contributes to the overall success and recognition of your company.

The basic elements of a corporate identity are:

  • Corporate design (logo, uniforms)
  • Corporate communications (ads, public relations, commercials)
  • Corporate behavior (internal values, norms)
  • Corporate Identity: Is it a Logo?

Logos are just a part of your corporate identity that will give your company a push in terms of success and recognition; however it is not nearly the whole deal.

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